3 Java Developer Must Know Technologies

It’s simply impossible to know every existing Java technology in the world because there are simply too many of them. If you’re looking for a job where you can work as Java developer, you need to know that every company in the world that relies on Java prefers just one of all those technologies.

That means, that knowing a couple of the most popular Java technologies just might do the trick and help you to get yourself employed. Since being ahead of your competition makes you almost irreplaceable, here’s a list of the three technologies that will put you on the top of the game.


If you really want to become Java developer, and nowadays it is a very wanted position in a lot of countries due to the shortage of developers, there are three skills that can help you to become agood Java developer that will easily find a job on every corner.

Of course, these three skills are just a must-know but being a smart Java developer, the one that will make the difference, takes more than that.

The more you as a developer know, the better it’ll be because companies are always looking for the best of the best. It is very important to stay on top of the competition so always aim for more.

The list of three technologies

MVC Framework is an essential skill and literally, every company looking for Java developers, will insist on knowing at least one MCV Framework such as Spring MVC, Struts, Playframework or JSF. Knowing all four would be the best possible option but knowing at least one will do the trick as well.


Databases are very important and every developer should know the more they possibly can about them. JPA or Hibernate would be a fine choice of Java technology. The companies prefer Hibernate as the best mapping tool for the relations with the object but JPA has a bit more advanced features so knowing both would be the best. Dependency injection technique is also a very important skill required from every programmer that is looking to work with Java.

When it comes to developing applications, the most common thing that the companies are looking developers for, dependency injection is of the skills that you as a developer simply can’t do without. If you master these three skills, your future is certain.