Best Free Software To Download In 2018

Software geeks always like to see software that is free for download, especially those that are not trial. PC users will have a chance now to see one of the best software, regarded as freeware that requires no payment for using the software.

CCleaner – the best registry cleaner

Although this software is not a new one, it is rated as the best system maintenance software for Windows platform. In its freeware version, offers many features that can improve the work of your system.


While the pro and the plus versions offer defragmentation, scheduled cleaning and file recovery tools. This software gives you a feature to select individual registry categories and fix the issues within the system.

Speccy – system info software

Speccy is a simple diagnostic tool that can give you a complete specifics of your hardware. RAM, CPU, OS, HDD, GPU and other specifications can be exported in TXT or HTML documents in case you want to print out your specs.

Bitdefender Free Edition

When it comes to antivirus software, it is always the problem about the price. Bitdefender works as many expensive anti-virus programs with the exception that it is doing its job like it is a paid version. Scanning and detection tools are embedded simply in the software’s interface so you the whole graphic interface is user-friendly.

Some of the features that you get for free are antiphishing, auto USB scans and email auto scans.

Icecream Password Manager

A freeware password tool that let’s handle your web login details safely, with the availability of installing on the various OSs, like XP or Windows 10. You can save your credit card data, bank account details, attach files and many more. Plus, it has an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Icecream Screen Recorder

When it comes to free video editing tools, this is Holy Grail! Record, edit and convert your video to many other video formats. Various drawing features enable you to create annotations, screenshots and many more things, to make your video more interesting. Also, some hotkeys ease the whole work significantly.

Andy – the best Android emulator for PC

Play all the Android games with this amazing emulator! You can also run apps on your PC, assign your smartphone to act as a remote controller or even run the apps by using the hotkeys. It requires 10 GB of free space at least, but it does not require some high-end PC system requirement for a flawless work.