Quicktable Powered By Cutecast

Designed to be a control component for Javebean/Grid, QuickTable is the best alternative to JTable. With its enhanced features that the previous version didn’t have, the use of QuickTable is now much simpler than before and the possibilities are way bigger. Powered by CuteCast, a discussion forum on the Internet, the people are free to leave their opinion on the latest version of QuickTable. Judging by their reactions so far, there are certain issues that are yet to be taken care of while the main impressions are mostly great.


Everyone who’s into Java is pretty much satisfied with the new features that QuickTable has to offer. With the additions of vectors and array, database grid and so on, QuickTable has easily become the top pick of every programmer that is into Java.

The ability to code up to ten swing grid screens at once is more than useful to those who are working on such projects and this latest version of QuickTable will be exactly what they need.

For all questions about it, its features, tutorials and what it is, feel free to pay a visit to CuteCast, a forum written in Perl. CuteCast supports web servers running on NT and UNIX platforms and it is completely free. Everything you need to know about Java, the previous version of JTable or the latest info on the newest QuickTable version can be found here.


All questions related to general support and help, non-database mode, actions, columns, locale, font, navigation, colours, feel, look, UI, renderer, celleditor, printing, applet, pre and post download can be found here as well as the relevant answers. Everything you need to know before you start using QuickTable can be found on one of these discussion forums.

So far, the most posts and threads were made on the general QuickTable help and support forum as people are generally interested in how the others are satisfied with the results so far. If you pay a visit to QuickTable powered by CuteCast web page, you’ll find all the necessary forums with all the important details.