QuickTable Bean Free Download

QuickTable bean or a Java bean is a class which gives a developer the ability to follow some conventions like providing setter and getter methods also known as get and set values of the properties, being serializable and having a no-arg constructor. These conventions make Java bean more user friendly and it allows the programmers to reuse this software component whenever they need it. That basically means that a Java bean gives you the ability to encapsulate many objects into one, giving it multiple access points. Put in other words, it makes one object accessible from multiple places. Other than that, Java Bean provides more than easy maintenance since the whole point of Java programming language is to be as simple as it can possibly be but still fully functional.


The aforementioned setter and getter methods make it easy to access Java Bean or it’s every class whenever it is needed to. By using a simple action tag, a developer can instantly instantiate or locate a bean class. That makes things so much easier because there is no need to search for a particular object since the bean doesn’t get created with the creation of the bean object. Quicktable is an opensource and the Maven build is still in progress but it is possible to download QuickTable Bean for free.

Most of the time, developers use QuickTable Bean for convertion between JavaBean and XML because that is the easiest way to convert bean to xml and xml to bean without knowing and dealing with DOM models. Developers prefer QuickTable Bean because it provides the basic searching function and object persistence. It can also be used as a web page model with hyperlinks referenced beans.

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The options are endless and it is no wonder that Java is quickly taking the programming world by storm. Many users say that it simply offers more features in a more simplistic way than any programming language in the past and it makes the entire developing process much easier. That is why QuickTable Bean is the best programming solution for every developer.