The Hottest Smartphones Of 2018

In a world of today, where literally everything revolves around the Internet and technology, most people all over the globe simply can’t do without having a smartphone. It offers countless possibilities, you can do whatever comes to your mind with it because almost every smartphone is more like a small computer than it’s just a phone. With this in mind, just like with computers, we always strive for more and looking to buy a better computer with even more features and options.


The same goes for smartphones. The manufacturers are using the cutting edge technologies to make the best phones we ever had the privilege of seeing and more and more people are looking to buy these amazing phones. In case that you are interested in finding out what would be the best and the most recommended smartphone this year, here are a couple of good suggestions of what are considered to be the best smartphones in 2018 so far.

Some of the most powerful phones of today are listed here with some of the preferences to make things a bit easier. Choosing the best phone isn’t easy simply because there are so many to choose from but fortunately, there are ways how to find out from reliable sources which phones are the best.

Feast your eyes on these beauties

iPhone X is said to be the best phone of the year 2018 because its specifications are simply unbelievably amazing. With a remarkable 5,8 inch AMOLED screen that looks absolutely stellar, the design of this phone is breathtaking. It is known that iPhone is the most desirable phone in the world and people are going crazy about it.

Technology wise, X has an incredibly fast A11 Bionic processor and a really powerful dual camera. If you are looking for a really great and perfect smartphone, there is no mistake with iPhone. It maybe costs a lot but that is because it offers a lot in return.


iPhone X is very closely followed by Samsung Galaxy S9. Also known as the second best smartphone in the world, the first one being iPhone X, it is the best Android smartphone in the world. With a futuristic look, stunning Infinity Edge display, Samsung managed to stay original among many. The S9 is everything you need and more and it is not as expensive as iPhone X.

If you are looking for a really good Android, this should be your number one option. The biggest competition to S9 is Google Pixel 2 XL and it is so close between them. While being almost the same as the S9, the only difference is that Samsung has a slightly better screen.