The Hottest Software Development News In The Year Of 2018

The year of 2018 is already being marked as the year of the developers. Every business and industry in the world is looking for developers and even though this is nothing new, things are a bit different nowadays. This year will see the most wanted technologies becoming finally commercially viable. With all these technologies going mainstream, we can expect to see numerous new immersive entertainment forms, especially in the areas of virtual and augmented reality.

The things we only saw in movies will come to be, as simple as that. As the technology further develops, the possibilities will become greater because of the greater achievements. The progress is imminent and evident and the opportunities are endless. It is no secret that software developer is the most wanted job in almost the entire world and developers have never been more important.


The work they do has become intertwined with every aspect of our lives. Just like we had the need for a phone or electricity in the past, now those needs are for developers. Every industry has become modernized which means they rely on IT in their everyday activities. That made technology ever-present in everything we do and technology has an impact on our lives beyond our comprehension. Therefore, it is completely safe to say that the year of 2018 is the year of software development and here are some of the hottest and newest trends so far.


There is not a single doubt that blockchain technology is the hottest topic in every industry this year. That is due to the rising popularity of Bitcoin but it reaches even beyond just a digital currency.


It is strongly believed that this technology will easily revolutionize every industry till the end of this year or the next one. Already technology companies are introducing their own blockchain platforms with IBM being the leading force currently. One thing is certain and that is blockchain technology will find its purpose in every industry for sure.

The most enhanced Internet

Everything we do today gets tracked on the Internet. Social media, wearables like AppleWatch or Fitbit, countless platforms. everything revolves around the possibilities how to collect data more efficiently. The Internet users want faster real-time analytics and everything within a click away from them. Edge computing has been almost perfected as we are becoming able of processing the enormous amounts of data in short periods of time.

Protection of private information on the web

Cybersecurity has been one of the major problems of the last year. Hack attacks have endangered countless net users and security has become the priority of 2018. From the biggest corporations down to a single individual, everyone is looking for the ways how to protect their private information on the Internet.

The truth is, as much as we are into software development, we don’t know much about cybersecurity and there is a shortage of talented people who will tend to those needs.